My Experience on Being a Featured App


I shared a few thoughts on what it was like having Pressgram become a Featured App in the store:

Without question I feel, on many levels, an overwhelming sense of pride and a sense of engineering validation - that all the work and investment and sweat (and tears) was worth it and that the little gods at Apple have recognized the work and rewarded it justly.

This is especially sweet since I haven’t been an Obj-C developer for that long.

It’s really worth noting that I couldn’t have done this without the community around the app and the many, many supporters. Thanks so much for being part of our story!

In many ways it’s just begun…

Working on Heartbleed


Recently the world encountered the terrible security bug called Heartbleed and some have called it the “worst” vulnerability ever discovered.

Obviously I care about security as our transport layer delivers data to multiple systems and APIs for our users. I spent some time fixing any possible vulnerabilities, especially the API that I’ve created to do the delivery.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we’re all good and you can safely and securely continue to publish your visual stories to your own properties and networks!

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The Trough of Sorrow


Above is the famous “Startup Curve” that is a pretty realistic depiction of what it’s like to start and live through the experience of a new venture. The chart, courtesy of Paul Graham, is scary in its accuracy as I can tell you from first-hand experience that this is exactly what it’s like.

I’m trying to determine exactly where Pressgram is on the “process” and “curve” – are we in the “Trough of Sorrow” where disillusionment, anxiety, and doubt are the themes of the day (week / month / year)? Or are we seeing some “Wiggles of False Hope” as we entertain things like a possible Featured Spot in the App Store?

The honest truth is that it’s hard to know.

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Request for Artwork…?


Wow. All I’ll say is that it’s possible that Pressgram could get some Featured love in the App Store!

I’ll just leave it at that… for now… My heart is beating a million miles per hour…

What Matters Most

What matters more to you – winning an argument or shipping your product?

For most of us the answer is quite clear as we’d rather ship our game changing product and let the haters hate. The challenge, though, is when we make our products be our angle and approach to an argument and our so-called “play” rather than letting the product stand for itself.

I have to constantly remind myself that focus is more than just product and business decisions – it’s one of psychological warfare; it’s one of the mental, emotional, and sometimes the spiritual that come into play. It’s the soft tissue stuff.

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Pixlplug: WTF?!? Blatant Rip Off!


UPDATE: The project has been disputed (thanks so much for your help!) and is currently offline. I hope that’s the end of this serious waste of time!

I don’t like doing this and this is not entirely in-character for me, but I have to say something about Pixlplug’s BLANTANT RIP OFF of our community’s Kickstarter project!

See their project here and the Pressgram project here. I’ve also screen-captured their project so that you can compare:

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The Still Camera Controversy…?


I’ve already shared the fact that I’ve added a neat effect that uses your forward-facing camera on the main menu and a few people have asked how this is possible without asking for the user’s explicit permission.

It’s a decent question to ask and the simple answer is this: iOS 7 does not require permission from the user to use the front-facing, “still” camera.

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