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Staying Focused

It’s tough to stay focused when you’re a developer. Heck, it’s tough to stay focused doing most anything for that matter.  The cost of not being focused is greatly excused and at times overlooked.

In fact, many of us live our lives in a completely un-focused state. Consequently, we will never know what it’s like to give your all to one thing entirely.

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If you’ve never heard the term “sherlocked” then here’s your quick primer:

“Sherlocked” means that you’ve developed a product only to have Apple release the same functionality or feature set natively in a system update.

I’ve talked generally about this before in the upcoming iOS 8 update and there are a ton of photo and image editing applications that are collectively groaning as Apple again sherlocks an entire market segment and niche app industry.

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A Traveler’s Companion

I got this feedback this weekend from one of our users:

I’m traveling around Europe right now and am doing a lot of blogging as a photographer and I have to tell you, your app is saving my ass. The ability to post to all of these different sites at once (including my squarespace) is amazing.

You can see some of his photos that he’s taken here and here. I appreciate these small notes in my inbox every once in a while and it reminds me of why I built the app. Thanks Spencer!

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A Few Examples of Great Product Videos for Apps

I don’t really have a product video for Pressgram although I’ve created a few walkthroughs and promotional videos in the past (a’la Kickstarter, for example).

But I’ve been thinking about them a lot recently since I’m working on one for Pressgram’s desktop brother and companion app, Desk PM.

Here are some examples of great product videos that I’ve been taking a look at and that you might find inspiration from:

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Goodbye Aperture, iPhoto…

Rest in peace Aperture and iPhoto – you were two great apps that made a lot of people very, very happy:

With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to safely store all of your photos in iCloud and access them from anywhere, there will be no new development of Aperture,” said Apple in a statement provided to The Loop. “When Photos for OS X ships next year, users will be able to migrate their existing Aperture libraries to Photos for OS X.

And iPhoto will be replaced by the new Photos App that’ll be released in conjunction.

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iOS 8 Photo Features…

… scare me a bit.

Not in a bad way, mind you … they simply hit really close to home in terms of the offerings that I’ve created for Pressgram.

The point is that it’s seriously got me thinking about what I can do to create the best next version of Pressgram for users. Apparently I can tap into the new iOS 8 editing features as well, which will be interesting ….

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I recently posted some thoughts about iCloud for Desk PM and it harkens back to the thought of bringing some sort of integration between this app and the desktop publishing client I’m building.

I wonder if this might be a nice bridge between the two? Imagine if you could snap a few photos, add your custom edits, and then see those images as available via your desktop app? In that way you could easily add more context and a more robust story around the images than what you can do currently in a mobile device.

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There’s No Reason to Refactor


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether or not I’m going to refactor the codebase for Pressgram in Apple’s new Swift programming language.

As far as I’m concerned there is absolutely no reason to do that in the near or even somewhat distant future.

The fact is that Swift is still very young and is still evolving, especially now that the world is engaging with it directly. The code, syntax, structure, modeling, and the whole lot of it is going to bend and perhaps even “break” as conventions and assumptions by the creators are tested and destroyed.

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Reviewing iOS 8


xcode-6-betaYes, I’m going to be looking deeply into the upcoming iOS 8 update and how I can leverage all that is available with this pretty epic update.

Just accepted the new Developer Program License Agreements and have finished downloading the new XCODE 6 Beta. Whoot!

Anything that you were super-excited about?

Paring Down Filters


So many filters.

Yes, I’ll admit it – we have a lot of filters.

Can you help me pare them down a bit? Of the filters that are available, help me isolate 20 or so that we should keep in the next update.

It made sense for a time to have a robust offering because we didn’t have advanced editing controls but now that we do have advanced image editing options the total amount of filters really doesn’t matter as much any more.

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