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Connecting to Desk PM


One big feature that I’m considering is syncing up Pressgram with her desktop brother, Desk PM as one way of capturing images and then saving the drafts for longer-form publishing when you get back to your desk or notebook computer.

Wouldn’t that be neat? Imagine being able to capture your beautiful images and then send them to a desktop publishing system for further and more in-depth storytelling?

I think that would be really, really cool.


  1. I too think that would be really really really cool.

  2. way cool and something we’ve wanted all along.

  3. Joining the yes chorus…

  4. Makes it an even better candiate for the ultimate all in one publishing platform

  5. dude. yes. omg. do this.

  6. Maybe even allow folks to just create a draft without an image. Just a thought. I would dig that. I always start drafts on the go, but have to do it in an email, evernote or through the WP app. Workflow from PG to Desk would so nice.

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