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Community Education Event with Chef Dennis Littley

If you missed this last night then you’ll have a chance to watch our Google+ Hangout which was broadcast live. I was really excited to be a part and be invited, especially with three very passionate users, Dustin StoutJenny Melrose, and the content ninja, Ryan Hanley!

It was actually an educational event for me as well as I learned about their usage and got some great questions and feedback. These types of things is what makes our community so different and so unique – I love it!

Thanks Chef and appreciate not only the exposure but also the valuable educational forum to share it on!


  1. Michael John Beil

    October 2, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    It was a neat experience.

  2. This was great! Really glad that I could attend and that you were there, John. :)

  3. Sorry I missed. Attended an independent developers conference at the Jersey shore yesterday.

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